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England proposes a theory of convection within the earths interior: an Irish scientist, John Joly enlisted convection from radioactive decay as fundamental to mountain-building, back in 1925, with his Surface History of the Earth. Jason Morgan of Princeton presented his Plume theory, whereby 20 stationary hot-spots exist beneath the moving lithosphere, originating from convection at the mantle-core boundary and resulting in volcanoes, steam vents and springs. were made in 1981 by the research ship Melville in water samples collected above a crest of the East Pacific Rise, suggesting that the gas is released when major earthquakes open "escape channels" to the surface. Thomas Gold, that methane gas deposits lie deep in the earth, in huge chambers.

In the 1930s Dutch geophysicist Felix Vening Meinesz advocated thermal convection as a process operating within the earths interior, basing his concept on the gravity anomalies he found over the ocean trenches and island areas in the W. His articles have appeared in Nature, Scientific American, Science Digest, and OMNI.

have been historically part of Jewry’s quest for hegemony and domination in the affairs of nations. Michael Jones,’ “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History,” the author outlines through a tour of world history, Jewish Christian society from the times of Christ to the present day.

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This leaves the obvious question, what then was its name for the hundred thousand years or more that it was said to have existed? From these clues we might deduct that possibly La-Mu-Ra was the original name, after one of the destructions which divided the land into islands, the shorter names were given to those groups which may represent todays: The problem of Lemuria has long taken a back seat to the more popular Atlantis legend, being of even more ancient vintage, but there is considerably more identifiable evidence for its existence in the Pacific, with its hundreds of megalithic ruins on land and in shallow water, obviously pre-Polynesian, that defy explanation of their origin.

When Mu sank and the mountains were raised, man degenerated into the savagery out of which our own civilization emerged."Before the shock waves had settled, the Colonel followed quickly with his companion editions, The Children of Mu (1931), The Sacred Symbols of Mu (1933), and Cosmic Forces of Mu in two parts, 1934-35.

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